Creativity is endless, limitless, unfathomable, unimaginable…. Supreme creator to worldly creator, a cute curve is added to beauty by centuries. Each creator has his/her own credit to be esthetically happy. No one is able to predict that the particular place is point of rising creativity. This is proved by four budding artists from Jamnagar. All of them are self made, without formal art education.  With the little help of silent but talented Jamnagar based artist Shree Arun Joshi, they flourished by hard work and integrity. Anand Shah, Nikita Sutaria, Poorvi Patel and Usha Nandani have created their wave of verve with very own identity. They participated in group show at Amritsar and Jamnagar. Their process to paint the inner necessity is remarkable and venerable. It’s like a blossoming horizon.

Anand Shah (B.Com., LL.B.; DOB 16/10/1970) tries to give visual form to time, a very strong aspect of life, with symbols. Nature is the footprints of ever running time, so, Anand has created vital layers to capture time’s motion in light and dark shadows. Each stroke is a beat of being, interwoven with eternity. Tree is a metaphor of struggle for serving. Leaves, moon etc. narrate momentary as well as eternal factor of ever changing elements.

Nikita Sutaria (B.Com.; DOB 27/1/84) suggests our shattered vision of things, later collected in beautiful kaleidoscope. In this fast world and stressful lifestyle, sometimes we miss the concrete beauty of material life and wholeness of breathing experiences. So, our vision is divided in hundreds of small pieces. Our subconscious mind collects those halfhearted memories in broken images or in surreal way. Nikita has captured living and nonliving things with their multifaceted magnificence.

Poorvi patel (B.Com.; DOB 10/9/90) is a singer of unsung songs, which we miss in materialistic, hectic life. Flowers, fruits, vegetables and their vendor are the important part of our day-to-day life. They nurture us, they provide potentiality and they enrich us with taste of nature… but very silently. Unfortunately, we don’t pay attention and sometimes we neglect also. Poorvi’s works of art convey this massage and try to maintain lovely harmony formed by nature. Her rhythm of color is louder so that viewer also can sing songs in her very own tune.

Usha Nandani ( B.A.; 4/10/1980) has handed over prettiness of human hand. Heart, head and hand… these three are very important part for human being. Hands shape the thoughts, give the form to feelings and carve the beauty out of nothingness. Any raw material can be a cute creation, if handled properly. In fact, hand is the soul of action, which is engaged in hundreds of different deeds but it is sensitive too.  Usha’s paintings mean this variety of beauty which is sprinkled on canvases with lyrical lines, rhythmic colors, cute composition and appealing perspective.

The entire experience is a spectrum of serenity.



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