Curves with vibrant beauty, rhythm with serene strokes, creativity with unlimited dimension, waves with smoothness, reality with beyond reality, images with fantasy, pictorial language with wonderful wings… these all are the unparalleled qualities of very talented artist Jignesh Brahmabhatt. He created world beyond the reality. It’s a fair of creative urge. Here worldly experiences are incarnated with super real vigor and allure. These art works have unique composition as breathing being, interwoven together with unseen charms and facets. This is a galaxy of sparkling ingenuity filled with fresh joy of visual rays going within. Jignesh Brahmabhatt’s creativity with excellence and techniques are reflected here in their totality. Overall visual experience is very near to sublimity. His feelings, emotions, insight, imagination, surreal experience, visionary composition,  colour combination, visual techniques, symbols, motifs and many more facets are studded extremely high in a work of art as a piece of aesthetic pleasure. He is master of forms beyond doubt, but here real forms are transformed into surreal experience. Each work has its own visual story to be narrated. A woman, a man, a tree and a bird is generally seen in paintings done on paper, and a female form can be seen with a tree in works done on canvas. He has achieved many spheres of pictorial land by using symbols, motifs and narratives. Eternal attraction between man and woman, horse as a powerful and sexual symbol, bird as a free live entity and tree as a source of life are incarnated with various combinations and compositions. Beauty as well as softness of female form, passion of male body, force of horse, elasticity of tree and freedom of bird is embellished and intertwined in different moods and moments in each painting. Each work is a saga itself.

Jignesh Brahmbhatt is vigorous artist. He writes short stories also. METAMORPHOSIS is his forth exhibition. He enjoys unlimited possibilities of art, so that he is never bound with one medium, technique and theme of paintings. He explores new horizons each moment. His creative urge is so powerful that each works of art breaths with fresh breeze. He uses canvas and paper, oil colours as well as mixed media. The result is stunning. He gives Midas touch to every creation. He leads viewer into vast and vital world of hidden dazzling arena of painterly mystics. His inner force is touchy and substantial. The experience is purely musical, rhythmic and aesthetic.

METAMORPHOSIS is a title with growing spirits. One feels transformation from one thing into another, development of budding thought, formation of abstract reality, visualization of scattered ideas, wholeness of raw materials etc. It’s our part of living. Day dreaming, imagination, fantasy, dreams etc. create super reality beyond reality. It’s truth with multifaceted flexibility. In contradiction with harsh and bitter reality, this super reality soothes one’s being, relaxes nerves, gives pleasures and frees from shackles too. When this type of experience is formed as an aesthetic beauty by a talented artist, then it breaths like a vibrant survival. METAMORPHOSIS is such type of exhibition. Jignesh has masterly crafted his different experience in dynamic forms with vital strokes. Everything changes, converts one form to another, but it is true that such things or existence are intimately related. Jignesh has felt very close association of man, woman, bird, tree and horse and visualized them in various vivacious compositions. All forms with veiled magnificence are joined together as a whole. The relation among them is interwoven with subtle, elusive but powerful strength. One is a result of another being. Force with tenderness, splendor with cuteness and forms with energy are stroked here. He is a master of forms, anatomy and composition. One can see that how Jignesh Brahmatt has achieved techniques of suggestion, expression of abstract feelings, association of transformation, subtly of disparity etc. He has captured the process of creative transformation very beautifully in paintings of METAMORPHOSIS. It is a journey into the world of concealed visual affluence.


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